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2003-07-05 Manual of Electronic Tubes Only the Tesla types. The rest are generic types also available in the main tables. 1,253,879 bytes
2012-01-03 Picture and Cathode-Ray Tubes 1964. Types: 431QQ44, 531QQ44, AW43-80, AW53-80, 351QP44, 430QP44,180QQ44, 182QP44, 25QP20, 430QP47, 430QP86, 251QQ47, 250QQ86, 130QP56, 131QP55, 131QP56, 7QR20, 12QR50, 12QR51. Thanks to Viktor Cingel. 978,009 bytes
2012-05-13 Tesla datasheets ~1960. Datasheets are also present in the main tables. Thanks to Jan Hlusicka & Viktor Cingel. (html)
2013-05-23 Remeslnicke potreby 1953 -1954. (18F24, 1AF33, 1F33, 1H33, 1L33, 1L4, 1R5, 1R5T, 1S4, 1S4T, 1S5, 1S5T, 1T4, 1T4T, 1Y32, 3A4, 3S4, 3S4T, 6B31, 6B32, 6CC1, 6CC31, 6F32, 6F36, 6H31, 6L50, 6Y50, 6Z31, 7QR20, ACH1, DLL101, EY3000, SB242, 3K2M, SO267) Thanks to Viktor Cingel. 4,472,165 bytes (sk)