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Here I will report a bit about an amplifier I'm building.
It may take a long time because I'm in no hurry to finish it;-)
The main goal is to make an amp with 1930's side contact tubes without any semiconductors.
There will be the following tubes: 4x EL51, 7x AZ4, 2x EE1, and the rest EF6 tubes probably.
I don't have any schematics as the design is still in my head...
As you can see, the main transformers and the p-sockets are already mounted.
For the AZ4's I will add some small transformers at the bottom side, which is still completely empty.
See this drawing for my idea about the power supply.
I designed the chassis to fit exactly in a 19" cabinet that I have.
I still need a few sockets and a lot of top-caps;-)

Here you can see that I made some aluminum pipes for the wires to the top connections of the tubes. It took a while to find a good solution. Glue was not working so I had to find something else. A friend of me suggested using a jack plug socket which is 6.35 mm while the aluminum pipe is 6mm. So they skew a bit but that is ok for me. Most mechanical work has been done so now I can add some electronic stuff.